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Hard Water Problems Solved with Softer Water Conditioners!

Thousands of SofterWater Conditioners have been installed across the world:

  • Residential Applications – on hot water systems,  swimming pools & spas, showers and on whole house water mains.
  • Commercial  Applications – farms, dairies, irrigation systems, nurseries, lagoons, ponds & wells (bores), underground mining equipment, hot water ring mains, evaporative air conditioners, cooling towers, steam cleaners and ice machines.

And on every other water carrying system you can think of!

We are here to help you solve your hard water problems, not just sell you some equipment.  We know you have concerns and we’ll work to ensure you get the best outcome possible for your particular set of circumstances.

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Softer Water Conditioners Solve Hard Water Problems

There is a SofterWater Conditioner to suit your requirements! Although we have a standard size range of water conditioners, if none of them meets your specifications we will custom manufacture a unit to do so!


Australian Owned & Operated

Manufactured in Australia since 1983, SofterWater Conditioners is a family owned and operated company. This keeps us ‘lean and mean’ so that you get the best equipment for the best possible price.  We take pride in the fact that each of the components used to produce our range of water conditioners are sourced from local suppliers making the product 100% Australian made.

Our commitment to you is that each unit is top quality and so is free from any manufacturing defects, and when selected and installed correctly it will work! I personally check the quality of each SofterWater Conditioner before it is packaged and sent to you.  So you can rest easy knowing that once installed you will have no worries about the unit failing or needing maintenance.

Worldwide Distribution Network

We choose to distribute our range of SofterWater Conditioners through a network of regional agents and local dealers. However, if we do not have an agent in your part of the world we will service your needs from our head office in Australia.

Also we are constantly looking for reputable companies to join our sales and distribution network as agents or dealers, so if you are interested (or know of a company who you think would suit what we do) please send us an e-mail and I will follow it up.

We look forward to solving your hard water problems!

Kind regards

Earl Mathieson
Earl Mathieson
Chief Executive Officer
SofterWater Conditioners