Are You Using Underground Drilling Equipment like the Sandvik DD421?

Many heavy-duty machines require the use of water to keep cool so that they can run for long periods of time.  In most of these machines, water has to travel long distances from the reservoir to the parts that need cooling.  Therefore, there are often several feet of pipe and tubing in place to help the water get where it is going.  This is especially true with underground drilling equipment because of the length and sheer size of it.  If you are using underground drilling equipment made by Atlas Copco or Sandvik, consider installing a Turbu-Flow water conditioning system to increase the longevity of parts like water coolers and water hoses.

Turbu-Flow has been proven to elongate the lives of these parts on the Sandvik DD421 and the Atlas Copco M2C and L2C30.  Because of Turbu-Flow’s unique ability to both prevent the formation of scale and remove existing scale in pipes, your parts will last longer and work better.  When scale accumulates inside of water hoses, it blocks the water from getting through and acting as a coolant.  Therefore, the water cooler has to work harder and predictably, the harder it works, the more it needs to be replaced.

Don’t waste your time fooling around with small parts when your job has a deadline.  Instead, ensure your machines are achieving their maximum output with a Turbu-Flow water conditioner.  No matter what kind of machine you are using, big or small, if it’s circulating water, there’s a Turbu-Flow product that will fit it and fix it.

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