Atlas Copco M2C & L2C30

In addition to Turbu-Flow’s residential and commercial applications, our water conditioning system has also been especially successful when installed on large surface and underground drill rigs.  Turbu-Flow has been credited with increasing the efficiency and longevity of large underground drilling equipment in particular, like that made by Atlas Copco M2C and L2C30.  If you are in the underground drilling business using ground water you will experience hard water problems leading to costly downtime of plant and equipment, so consider installing a Turbu-Flow. A Turbu-Flow water conditioning system has been proven to reduce the frequency of necessary water box seal changes and flushing head seal changes, and it will also prevent and repair corrosion in the machinery’s pipe fittings.

Boliden Tara Mines Ireland made the following comment, “The unit was very easy to fit to our Atlas Copco M2C rocket boomer and is small and robust. The unit is maintenance free. The first results were good.  In summary, we have reduced our down time due to water box seal wear and this has had a major impact on running costs.”

Barminco Western Australia had the following to say. “After hitting the last resort we ended up fitting a 21/2” Turbu-Flow unit to the Atlas Copco L2C30 water inlet we honestly did not think it was going to work. After about 3-4 weeks coming back from break was when I noticed the difference. We had stopped doing water fittings & flushing head seals were lasting up to 7 days. About 2 months ago we removed the Turbu-Flow and 1-2 weeks later we started corroding out fittings & have since refitted it.”

Reduce your down time, contact us about installing a Turbu-Flow on your jumbo today!

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