Calcium in Water

Water has to travel a long way to get to your house, and while generally it’s only made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms, it picks up a lot of other stuff in its travels.  Among some of the things it picks up are minerals.  Not minerals as in “mineral water” that’s sold in stores, but minerals that when consumed in large quantities can be harmful to your health and your home.  One of these minerals that is especially harmful to your home  is calcium.

Calcium is essentially what makes water “hard.”  Only when there are 3.5 to 7 calcium grains per gallon (CPG) of water, is the water considered hard.  On the other hand, any water below 3.5 CPG is considered soft.  Very hard water is anything above 7 CPG.  While hard water isn’t usually harmful to your heath, it can have very damaging effects on your home.  It can ruin your pipes, you clothes, you appliances, and your kitchen and bathroom fixtures to name a few.  It can also stain your glassware or your tile and make cleaning an absolute headache.

The reason why it is dangerous to your pipes and your appliances is because the calcium can get caught up in and accumulate along imperfections inside your pipes.  This process is called building scale and is almost impossible to reverse without the help of a water conditioner.  Because the scale blocks the flow of water to your appliances, they have to work harder and therefore, along with your pipes, need to be replaced more frequently.  Additionally, water high in calcium leaves behind a chalky white residue on everything it touches.  Sinks, bathroom tile, and dishes are most frequently victims of calcium staining.

One of the most frustrating things about hard water is that often people attempt to remove these stains with soap, but find that it’s a more than difficult task.  This is because the calcium in the water reacts with the soap and prevents it from being effective.  This is also true with laundry detergent as well.  The easiest way to protect your home and belongings from calcium in your water is to install a water conditioning system like Turbu-Flow.  The salt-free and easy-to-install system will soften your water by breaking down the calcium and other minerals in it, protecting your home and your health at the same time.

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