Agriculture Case Studies

There are many hard water problems experienced on the land and they show up in various ways as rusted equipment, blocked pipes, stunted growth of plants, and in countless hours of maintenance getting rid of limescale and rust scale build up.

At SofterWater Conditioners we treat many types of agricultural hard water problems that can be quite  advanced and complex.  It is our experience that by using our water treatment at lakes, ponds, dams, bores, wells and springs there is a beneficial flow on effect to the whole area.

Agricultural Water Treatment Case Studies

Read the experiences of these farmers and growers and how they successfully dealt with their hard water problems.

 Irrigation Water Quality Problems in Plant Nursery


iron in water


Iron Scale in Irrigation Pipes in Vineyard


 vineyard in mclaren vale

 Algae Problem in Golf Course Lakes


algae in golf course lakes


Making Cut Flowers Last Longer for Export

roses in TUF water