Commercial Testimonials

SofterWater Conditioner Anti Scale System

North Tamborine

Queensland 4272

Subject: Positive effect of the SofterWater Conditioner Anti Scale Systems on scale build up.

17 July 2006

Dear Earl.

Edson Hot Water Systems have contracts to supply commercial hot water systems for many applications

Throughout Australia. 1n2002 a commercial hot water system was supplied to a new Coles supermarket built in

Australind in Western Australia. Unknown to us it was a well known hard water area with high calcium deposits.

It was not long after the commissioning of the hot water system that problems occurred with scale build up causing premature failure of the heating  elements. These heating elements required replacement on many occasions during warranty period anywhere from 3 weeks to 6 weeks. The Coles management was not impressed with this situation, and our supply contract with Coles was placed in jeopardy of being cancelled unless we found a satisfactory solution to this problem.

I contacted one of our agents in this area whom also lived in Australind, Ray mentioned that he installed a new hot water system on his house seven (7) years ago and had the very same problem with heavy calcium and iron build up continually causing failure. Ray had purchased and installed a SofterWater Conditioner Anti Scale System.

Due to Ray’s comments with living in the same area as the supermarket where we were having problems, we took the initiative to contact yourself and purchase and install the SofterWater Conditioners in this area.

 Edson contacted SofterWater Conditioners and were very relieved to be given a sound explanation of how using the SofterWater Conditioner would rectify the problem we were experiencing.

The correct unit was selected, an installation position was recommended and a another unit was installed in August 2002 in the recirculating ring main immediately prior to the water entering the hot water system.

 Since installing the SofterWater Conditioners in August 2002 there has not been any premature failure of the heating elements.

Coles have specified the SofterWater Conditioner Anti Scale System be installed on all new hot water systems installations in Western Australia, coastal and known hard water areas. 

We have installed numerous Edson Hot Water Systems and SofterWater Conditioner Anti Scale Systems in a number of known hard water areas with fantastic results.

 We now offer SofterWater Conditioner Anti Scale Systems as a standard option to all those purchasing an Edson Hot Water System, commercial or domestic.

 We would have no hesitation in recommending SofterWater Conditioner as an anti scale device in known hard water areas.

Yours sincerely

Johan Mangan

Operations Manager

Edson Hot Water Systems