Commercial Testimonials

Clifton Co-OP Hospital Ltd
Norman Street
Clifton Qld 4361

7 June 2012

Subject: SofterWater Conditioners installed 26 February 2008

Hi Earl

Thank you for coming to Clifton Hospital Complex to look at our hard water treatment requirements.

Clifton Co-op Hospital Ltd laundress said the elements were being replaced in the washing machines at least once or twice each year and elements were only lasting 3-6 months in the hot water system.  The last time the elements were replaced in the washing machines was April and May 2008 and the last new element put into the hot water system was 26 June 2008.  The SofterWater Conditionerwas installed on 26 February 2008.

Each time elements were changed in the washing machines the cost was approximately $1000 for the parts only.

The washing drum inside the machines used to be white with calcium and the glass doors would also be caked in calcium residue.  Once the unit was installed we were able to remove calcium with a descale solution and the build-up has not returned in over 4 years.

 Kind Regards

Judy Rickert