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Dynavive – Kimberley Clarke T2840 Installation – Paper Mill France

Sat 11/12/2010 12:49 AM

Hello Earl,

We hope you’re well.

We monitor the installation of the module TUF-2840 to the French plant Kimberly-Clark (KCC), installed in the month of August 2010.

For now, everything seems correct : No blocking of vacuum pumps (…for one problem per month on average before installing the unit !). The engineer who follows this project is quite pleased, but he wants to wait 5-6 months of operations before actually broadcast the results … we understand.

We attach a photo of the TUF-2840 installation, carried out in the rules of art, as you can see. In the background, one of the famous vacuum pumps … big monster !

Best regards and see you soon,



Wed 8/06/2011 11:01 PM

Hello Earl,

The engineer of Kimberly-Clark has (finally  😉 contacted us to point out that the results were very good on the TUF-T2840 system installed and the quality of water supplied.

“First installation has been made on water feed of several vacuum pumps using a water ring inside the pump ; chemical treatment cost is prohibitive so your device is a real good answer.

Second installation has been made last December : application is to treat water used to clean a screen filter in a rotative equipment which increase consistency of paper sludge before to enter in a screw press. Also benefits are to avoid chemical.”  Thierry Millett, Towel Machine Process, Kimberly Clerk – VSE Mill

Thanking you for your help, Earl, and soon.