Commercial Testimonials

Earl Mathieson

Chief Executive Officer

Turbu Flow


19 June 2012

 Dear Earl


The Club has very hard water with large amounts of Calcium in the water; we put into the system the SofterWater Conditioner T34 to see if it would help us with our Scotsman Ice Machine. The Ice Tray was clogging up with Calcium and not allowing the ice to fall out of the tray and therefore tripping the machine, this machine should produce 150kg of ice per 24 hours but was only doing 15 to 20kg due to this problem.

 When we put the T34 into the line which was very easy to install it took about six weeks for the Calcium in the system to change, it no longer stuck to the tray, it had a slimy texture and did not have the same characteristics as it did when we did not have the Turbu Flow product in.

We have now had the unit in for more than nine months the refrigeration mechanic who services the machine has not had to clean the machine for more than five months. The ice machine now producers 150kg of ice per 24 hours. I believe that the SofterWater Conditioner does the job and I would recommend it for anyone who has hard water issues.

Yours Sincerely

Nedias Jofana

House Manager

Royal Harare Golf Club