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The Hot Water Heater Hard Water Problems

limescale in water heater

Lime scale build up causing heater element burn out.

A state government housing department was having considerable trouble with the longevity of water heaters that were installed in houses located in areas with particularly bad hard water problems.  The heat exchanger coils were becoming encrusted with scale and burning out… within 3 months.

Dealing with the Problem

Maintenance wasn’t possible because of the short time it took to build up with limescale within the tank, which meant the water heater would need to be replaced!  That’s 4 water heaters per house every year – multiply that by the number of houses in the area and you will see why the department was desperate to find a solution.

The Solution

A test was conducted  by installing a SofterWater Conditioner on a water heater in one location and left for 16 months.

The Result

The water heater was examined after 16 months where it was found that all pipes were clear and there was no scale build up at all!  Also the flow rates were comparable to that of a new water heater.

The cost saving on just this one test house over the 16 month period was equal to the cost of 5 new water heaters.  This makes the return on investment approximately 500%!!  Imagine what the financial savings for all the houses in the area – hot water heater hard water problems – solved!