Water Treatment Plant, Poland

Hard Water Treatment Systems in Industry

With the demand for water so high and the supply of clean, pure water significantly lower governments around the world are looking at recycling industrial and urban waste water to address the imbalance.  This is very serious business in Europe where urban waste water is the second most serious cause of water pollution

The European Union (EU) has regulated standards for the collection, treatment and discharge of waste water.  This has meant that over the last several years many water treatment plants across Europe have needed to upgrade their facilities and processing equipment to meet the standards.  Or face serious fines.

hard water treatment plantOne of our business associates in Poland specialises in purpose built systems  and facilities for waste water treatment, water supply & purification and waste disposal.  Because water hardness is a constant problem in most parts of Europe they include Softer Water Conditioners as their hard water treatment system of choice.

“Drinking water preparation technology  in PRUCHNIK, which includes the Softer Water Conditioner, is working well.  A lot of staff from different water treatment plants visited PRUCHNIK to see our technological improvements and were very impressed.” Franciszek S. Tuznik, CEO, TUZAL