Plastics Manufacturer

Hard Water Problems & Solutions

With all that’s required to run a successful manufacturing business the last thing a business needs is to have added headaches because the air conditioning isn’t working as well as it could. 

Dealing with the Problem

prevents scaling & biofilm in cooling towersThe management at Independent Plastics found their cooling tower was needing so much maintenance to keep the air conditioning operating at capacity for their factory that they had to have dedicated maintenance personnel.

The hard water scale was building up so thick and so fast in the pipes and the cooling tower that they had to do acid dosing on a weekly basis.

Not only were the associated costs for maintaining their cooling tower escalating but the equipment was beginning to corrode. 

The Solution

Management installed the Softer Water Conditioner as an anti-scale device and found that not only did it stop new scale from building up it also dissolved the existing scale.

The Result

Independent Plastics director, Ian Beaumont, was very pleased to report that in the 5 years since the installation there has been no scale build up whatsoever!  No more hard water problems – just solutions!