Kimberley Clarke Paper Mill, France

Solving Hard Water Problems in Industry

With the massive volumes of water required in  paper pulping processing it’s little wonder that Kimberley Clarke’s paper mill in France began to experience equipment failure.

solving hard water problems in industry

Dealing With the Problem

Massive vacuum pumps are used for extracting water from the paper pulp and waste water is an obvious by-product of the the pulping process. 

The hard water was causing significant damage to the pumping equipment.  The calcium scale was building up very quickly and causing blockages to the point that heavy duty maintenance was needed every month to clear the pipes and pumps.  This was a massive undertaking for the maintenance crew.

The Solution

A custom built Softer Water Conditioner was commissioned (based on water volume and flow rates) for this particular application.  At a schedule maintenance the unit was installed.

The Result

No blocking of vacuum pumps! 

Even after many months of faultless operation clearly the SofterWater Conditioner does its job well. The maintenance engineer was so impressed with the performance results and the quality of the waste water produced that more installations are planned.

Solving hard water problems in industry is often a complicated, expensive process – but not with SofterWater Conditioners!