Royal Harare Golf Club, Zimbabwe

Hard Water Problems on the 19th Hole!

When hard water problems cause the ice maker in the prestigious Royal Harare Golf Club to clog and stop making ice it calls for drastic measures.

Dealing With The Problem

ice maker clogged with scale buildup

The club house at the golf course had purchased a Scotsman Ice Maker that could produce 150kg a day.  (Now that is some serious amounts of Scotch on the Rocks!)  But with the water in Zimbabwe being renowned for the huge concentration of calcium in the water it meant that scale would build up on pipes and fittings very quickly. 

The scale would clog the process lines of the ice maker and the ice would not be able to fall out of the tray which in turn would trip the electricity on the machine.  The ice maker was only producing less than 10% of the intended capacity.  And this meant there were some very unhappy golfers with no ice in their drinks when they got to the nineteenth hole!  It also meant the service technician would need to visit often… which amounted to exorbitant maintenance bills!

The Solution

After an easy installation of the Softer Water Conditioner directly in the water line of the ice maker it didn’t take long to notice a change in the actually quality of the ice… “it no longer stuck to the tray, it had an extra slippery texture and did not have the same characteristics”. 

The Results

  • It only took about six weeks for the existing calcium scale that had built up to disappear.
  • The ice machine now producers 150kg of ice per 24 hours.

  • The machine has not had to be cleaned for more than five months. 

  • A saving of many thousands of dollars on maintenance call outs means an estimated ROI of over 200% in the first year alone.

“The Softer Water Conditioner does the job well and I would recommend it for anyone who has hard water issues.” Nedias Jofana, House Manager, Royal Harare Golf Club.