Mining Testimonials

Atlas Copco L2C30 Underground Development Jumbo

A couple of years ago we purchased an Atlas Copco L2C30 Underground development jumbo .This rig was running higher water flow & pressures than we do on any of our other rigs.

We started having a lot of dramas with our flushing head seal only lasting two shifts also a lot of pitting around our shanks this was just the start of our problems. After a few months of use we started failing a lot of water fitting up to two a shift. On close inspection of the fitting it was hollowed out .The quality of the water we were using was basically recycled water out the stope, not ideal but better that some sites.

After hitting the last resort we ended up fitting a 21/2” SofterWater Conditioner unit to the water inlet we honestly did not think it was going to work. After about 3-4 weeks coming back from break was when I noticed the difference. We had stopped doing water fittings & flushing head seals were lasting up to 7 days .

After this we recommended them to another site which fitted one to their rig due to the harsh water conditions.

About 2 months ago we removed the SofterWater Conditioner unit and 1-2 weeks later we started corroding out fittings & have since refitted it.

For our application it worked well I would not have believed it would work until we tested it .I have since recommended it to other people & companies


Trevor Williamson l Maintenance Training Specialist

Barminco Limited