Mining Testimonials

From: Noah Wilkinson

Date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 16:02:25 +0800

Subject: SofterWater Conditioner T122SS Positive Results

Hi Mike

I’m putting together a kit for a jumbo and would like to know what the diameter is of the center section of the T122SS SofterWater Conditioner? This is so I can buy the correct clamps?

We have proven success with the units, a new rig onsite has prolonged hydraulic cooler life compared to existing rigs, and the coolers were lasting approximately 4 months whilst the new rig has been onsite longer than 6 months with no overheating issues.

We fit SofterWater Conditioners to all new machines;

  • Jumbos – DD421
  • Solos – DL421 & DL431

Plan to fit more SofterWater Conditioners to the following;

  • Axera D07 240C and Axera 7 -260C.
  • Also the Solo 7-15F we run at Telfer.

The water system doesn’t change all that much between the models so it is only a matter of finding a good location to mount the unit.


Noah Wilkinson  Drill Master – Technical

Byrnecut Australia Pty Ltd