Mining Testimonials

To;   Sales Manager

 Company; SofterWater Conditioners

 From;   Graeme Keeler


New Zealand



The history of my knowledge of the SofterWater Conditioners are, while employed by Barminco Pty. Ltd in WA from early 97 to Nov 03, I installed the Model 50220 (2”) unit into the water supply line to the camp at Kookynie Resources Mining Complex to control the problems caused by the calcium in the bore water, which was creating havoc to the water heaters, electric jugs, air conditioners, taps, etc.  I installed the unit late 97 so was able to observe its performance and effects until I left in 03.    

I was very impressed with the improvements to the components in the system, so impressed, I installed the small unit (Model 1218) into our Motor home, this lead to a greater life span of the anodes in the water heater and stainless water tanks.

I have certifications in Diesel Marine Engineering so have a reasonable understanding of the principals of the SofterWater Conditioner technology.

My interest in your product has been renewed by a news item the other night on TVNZ of a small city in the North Island where they went to a new bore water supply, this has lead to the demise of water heaters, electric jugs, etc, with complaints coming from all over the city, bad enough to make a news item on TV.    It was admitted there was calcium in the water, hence my interest, as I am sure your product would undoubtedly rectify these problems.

 Yours sincerely

 Graeme Keeler.