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I live in rural Queensland in a little town called Derrymore. My household water supply is from a bore, and unfortunately its “Spa water”. Our “Spa water” is high in calcium and iron amongst other things but it is these two elements that cause me the most grief. The calcium builds up on every surface and is difficult to remove and the iron stain is just impossible. My shower was a horrible orange colour and the toilet leaked constantly as the build up of deposits in the cistern wouldn’t let it close properly. You name it and I used it to try and remove the stains and the build up, from a range of general bathroom cleaners to bleach, even CLR (Calcium, Lime, Rust) remover and nothing worked! I spent literally hours scrubbing and to no avail. Eventually I found Enjo Calcium Dissolver, and while this helped with the calcium problem it really didn’t do much for the iron stain and it would still take me hours.

I decided to undertake some renovations and strip the bathroom and start again but I didn’t know what to do about my water problem. I searched on the internet and came across SofterWater Conditioners. I wasn’t sure whether it would work but I was willing to give anything a go to keep my new tiles clean and my toilet white so when I was offered a unit to try and if I wasn’t happy a refund I thought well why not?

And it works!!! While I still get the iron staining, though not nearly as much, I can now clean it off with ease, it’s amazing! I really didn’t think it would work but so far (fingers crossed) it is! Just a little calcium dissolver and some elbow grease and its gone. Thanks to the SofterWater Conditioners I no longer need to spend all day trying to scrub the shower.  Just 5 minutes and its back to sparkling like new. I am definitely happy with the results and would recommend anyone with the same problems to give it a try.




 Hi Earl

I firstly wish to apologise for the time it’s taken me to let you know how we have found the Showersoft SofterWater Conditioner. It’s been a busy time with the Christmas holidays, school starting back and a bathroom renovation thrown in!

We received the Showersoft towards the end of December 2012 and installed it immediately.

We didn’t install the SofterWater Conditioner immediately as we thought it would be a better indicator of how the Showersoft was working. Lindsey & I both noticed that our hair felt softer, more like when we have visited other places that don’t use bore water. More tellingly was that our two older girls aged 14 and 12 both independently said that their hair felt softer although they didn’t know why, and the younger agreed when she was asked. All 4 females in our house have long hair and I certainly still notice that my hair continues to feel softer and more manageable. The attached photos are of the Showersoft installed in our new bathroom.

We installed the SofterWater Conditioner at the end of January 2013 just after the bathroom renovation. At this stage I have been very pleased with how the orange marks from the bore water are cleaning off the new bathroom tiles and not leaving a residual stain and the toilet (not new) is so much easier to clean and stays cleaner. Lindsey & I are both glad that we have installed the SofterWater Conditioner.

 Hope this feedback is useful and let me know if you need to know anymore.

Regards Allison

Sally and Michael, Merriwa NSW

24 Oct 11

Hello Earl

Hope this finds you well. The SofterWater Conditioner has been installed for over a month now. Just thought I’d let you know a few thoughts:

~ We didn’t notice any difference for over a week

~ Then, we did notice our hair becoming softer and I have used less washing powder/liquid/soap/shampoo etc. In saying that, occasionally, there is powder residue on some clothes. This used to be worse and it has lessened somewhat.

~ We all believe it has made a difference!

It will be interesting to see if the life of our hot water element is extended.

4 Jul 2012

Hello Earl,

Hope you and your family are well. Apologies it has taken a while to respond! The SofterWater Conditioner has definitely made a difference. We haven’t had to replace our hot water element since 27.8.11, if it goes past 12 months that will be great!  Usually it needs replacing after 9 months or so as there is so much mineral build up etc. We have kept a record of the dates when the element has been replaced before the SofterWater Conditioner went in. There is a bit less pressure, but we do think the water is softer. Hope this is helpful.



24 August 2007

Dear Earl

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you.  Thought I would give you a run down on what our experience of the blue water syndrome and the SofterWater Conditioner has been.

We built the first part of our house and installed our bore at Dulguigan near Murwillumbah in April 1998 and moved into the main house in early 1999.  We used bore water for all our household water as the testing showed it to be excellent quality (only slightly high in salt and calcium).

In February 2001 we had the water tested again because we had been getting blue staining in our vanities and toilets and it tasted bitter.  We also had problems with water marks on the tiles and shower screens that no amount of cleaning seemed to remove.  Tests showed we had raised levels of copper at 1.26 mg/L which is above the Guideline aesthetic value of 1.00 mg/L.  We investigated what might be able to help (filters, softeners etc.) but no one could give us any valid help.

The following year we moved away for 3 years (rented the house out) and by the time we got back the staining was much worse and the water not drinkable.  I started looking into blue water syndrome further and came across the SofterWater Conditioner on the net.  After discussions we thought it was worth a try even if it only softened the water a bit which might help the taste (the water was not particularly hard but we were getting pretty desperate as the staining was very bad).  

In June 2006 just before we installed the SofterWater Conditioner we had the water tested again.  We tested 3 samples – 1) from the first tap after the bore which meant no copper pipe work, 2) the cold water kitchen tap, and 3) the laundry hot tap (the hot water pipes were the worst for staining and the laundry was the furthest from the hot water heater).

This test confirmed our suspicions – the bore water was perfectly fine (copper = 0.03 mg/L).  The problem had to be in the copper pipe work and the hot water heater.  The cold water kitchen tap result was now 2.10 mg/L and the laundry tap 3.37 mg/L.  The Guideline health value is 2.0 mg/L so our kitchen tap was now over that level.  The technician at the lab who tested our water could not identify anything in our water that would affect the copper pipes but obviously there was some problem with them.

FYI – The same day we had the SofterWater Conditioner installed we also changed the old gas storage hot water heater to an instantaneous (they use less gas but this also meant less copper that at least the hot water would come in contact with).

The first afternoon after installing the SofterWater Conditioner I thought to myself that the water felt “softer”.  I thought it was probably my imagination but then when my husband got home and after he had his shower he said the same thing to me (I hadn’t discussed my thoughts with him). 

After the SofterWater Conditioner was installed we still had blue staining occurring but the water marks on the tiles and shower screen (which I had finally managed to scrub off with a few different products and brute force) did not build up nearly as quickly as it had been prior to the SofterWater Conditioner.  I also thought that the blue staining might have improved a little but it was hard to tell because we were still having staining and it is a bit subjective (and I had also discovered some easier ways to clean it off).   

In March 2007 we moved out of the house to our new property in Queensland.  The Dulguigan property was empty while we tried to sell it although we came back for weekends now and again.  Around May we were back every couple weeks finishing some painting etc. as the property had sold.  Over the time we were away I thought the blue staining had reduced dramatically.  On one occasion we had been gone for a couple of weeks and when we came back my husband noticed the bath tap had a slow drip (not turned off properly).  There was virtually no blue stain.  If this had happened before we would have had deep blue stain. 

So just before we settled the property in early July we had the water tested again. I tested the bore tap again and the kitchen cold water (I didn’t worry about retesting the hot water because we had changed the heater anyway).  And my suspicions were confirmed again.  In just over 12 months the copper levels in the water from our kitchen tap had reduced to 0.99 mg/L, just on the Guideline aesthetic limits but well below the Guideline health limit.  I also think that the “softening” of the water also helped to prevent the copper that was still in the water from staining the porcelain ware. (The bore water level was again virtually non-existent at 0.07 mg/L).

I have no doubt that the SofterWater Conditioner helped to reduce the amount of copper leaching or flaking (or whatever it was doing) from the copper pipes.  Our problem had been getting worse and worse over the years and the SofterWater Conditioner has obviously helped to partly reverse the problem.  Our case was quite severe so if anyone were starting to have problems with staining the SofterWater Conditioner might well prevent it from getting as bad as our did and possibly reverse it. Because no one could tell us what had caused our copper problems it is not possible to say what the SofterWater Conditioner might actually be doing that reversed it. But it might certainly help other people who are having problems with copper in the water.  And it was a lot cheaper than the filter systems we were recommended that didn’t work!!

Earl, thank you very much for your support and advice.

All the best with your product.



Ray Hoffman
Western Australia

10 August 2012

T2034 (T34) SofterWater Conditioner for my house.

I purchased my SofterWater Conditioner model 2034 15 years ago (1997) when I was living in Esperance W.A. Esperance water is the hardest water I have ever come across in that it was impossible to get a lather in the shower and the calcium build-up reduced the volume of water.

 After talking to engineers at the hospital who had one of these units on the boilers I installed mine. It took a few weeks to clean the calcium build-up from the pipes and the results were astonishing. When I sold the house and shifted back to Perth I took it with me and installed it at my new address. I honestly cannot speak more highly of the product and installation was so easy.

Sun 3/02/2013 4:24 PM

Hi Earl
Well I am surprised. Quite frankly I had grave doubts  — but here is what I have observed since installing your SofterWater Conditioner. As you know we are in rural Thailand.

Our well water delivered significant “lime deposits” which despite extensive “water softening” equipment would quickly block shower heads (one or two months) — coat tiled shower walls with scum  —  and make the shaving mirror in the shower opaque with deposits in about one week. Every week I would use an acid based cleaner and a nylon scouring pad to clean the mirror so I could shave. The shower walls were cleaned the same way.

I installed the SofterWater Conditioner aprox. March 2012 and immediately noticed that the mirror requires almost no cleaning whatsoever  — simply a light wash over with water each few weeks or so. This amazes me!

I installed a new shower head (old one 70% blocked)  at the same time as I installed the SofterWater Conditioner and now after 10 months — there has been no sign whatsoever of any scale blockage  —  no lime scale build-up in 10 months . None!

The tiled shower walls show very little scale or scum build up. Cleaning has been reduced by at least 80% — probably more.

I simply wanted to advise you of what I have found using the SofterWater Conditioner —  and to thank you — a great product.

Rex Russell

“…I have been installing the SofterWater Conditioner at my house it have been working in about two weeks now, and I must say that we can feel difference to the water. In this moment we have seen that the dishwasher should have lesser rinse aid, the glasses are perfect.” 


8 May 2013  7:53 PM

 Hi Earl,

Looked at some photos I took when I installed the unit and it appears to be working quite well.

The new shower head I installed just before I installed the SofterWater Conditioner has not deteriorated like they normally do, also the outdoor taps which I cleaned at the install no longer have a build up of soda etc. on them.

In the garden the water appears to penetrate the soil much better as I dug a few postholes last week and had no trouble digging down over 600mm. Prior to the install of SofterWater Conditioner the water never penetrated the soil and formed a hard crust on the surface and digging postholes would be quite difficult.




Queensland Australia



Re: SofterWater Conditioner Water Conditioner – House & Evaporative Air conditioners


Dear Mike,

Thanks for providing us with the SofterWater Conditioner units. 

As you know, we have a bore feeding into quite a large tank which we then pump to the house with an inline pressure pump.

We were plagued with lime scale from the minute we installed the bore.  There was notable build up in all taps, shower heads blocking within a month and the white scale covering everything else.  The evaporative air conditioner we had installed would block in less than 10 days, with the water squirting out the side, not just running down the pads.  We had to use industrial strength de-scaler in the air conditioner and had been told we should never have installed this type of air conditioner. 

Since installing a SofterWater Conditioner on the pressure pump and one on the air conditioner we have had fantastic results.

In over 2 months, the air conditioner that would only run for 10 days hasn’t missed a beat.  We got up onto the roof to check the pads and they are cleaner than after we had used the de-scaler.  We have also noticed less white build up in the laundry sink, bath and shower and glasses in the dishwasher come out without white marks on them. 

Thanks Anne and Glen


Perth Western Australia

Hi Mike

I’ve just asked Mary if she’s noticed any difference since we fitted the SofterWater Conditioner?

This is her reply…

“Yes, I have already noticed a difference.  I washed some towels before my holiday but didn’t take them. In contrast  the towels I’ve washed since the installation  are really soft and fluffy the difference between the two  is amazing.  There are no longer any watermarks on the taps  and I know  you won’t appreciate this,  I need less shampoo and my hair is really much softer. I’ve even bought a new kettle, gone  are the days  of descaling!!” 

Big smiles all around!


18 June 2013  10:30PM

Testimonial  – Cobus Van Niekirk, Outjo, Namibia Africa


Hi Earl

I am Cobus van Niekerk 48 years of age and I am staying about 4 km outside Outjo in Namibia. In short the town with almost the hardest water that I’ve known in my life. 

One day I met a man and I was very skeptical about this product that looked just like a piece of steel pipe.

Well he gave me the best gift ever! When I got home I decided to try this shower unit and wow at first the water felt very strange and afterward there was no need for a moisturizer (I used to use a lot since I have a dry skin). I said nothing to my wife but was watching closely.

After a day or so I could not contain myself and we discussed it (the SOFTERWATER CONDITIONER). Well as we have a system (we live in a caravan and at almost all times only one tap is in use) although scale built up still exists it seem less than before and soap seem to work better even in the washing machine.

Now we are saving to get the real SofterWater Conditioner for our needs. I want to seriously recommend to all persons with hard water in installing this clever “pipe”.

 Regards Cobus 



Cobus refers to “scale still built up but less than before”.  This fact is true. 

SofterWater Conditioner is not a water filter so does not remove any mineral from the water but rather, changes the characteristic of the mineral in the water. So what goes into the SofterWater Conditioner comes out the other side but it is in different state. These minerals will flow through the system and you may still get some residue spotting on surfaces. Some of this residue will be minerals that are being removed from scale build up in your pipes and hot water system.

This residue will be in a different form and will be more easily removed by simply wiping it away, which is better and safer than the alternative of using harsh chemicals and a lot of elbow grease!

Earl Mathieson


SofterWater Conditioner Pty Ltd.

29 June 2013  5:19am

Hi Earl

I did realize how easy the scale remove.

I was working outside town this week and last night shower was amazing (in my own shower).

This SofterWater Conditioner is really amazing!

One small believer