Salt Water Chlorinator Problems

This swimming pool in a bayside suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia has seen many wonderful hours of family fun but the grandchildren are now the only occasional users of the pool. 

scale build up on salt chlorinatorAfter 20 years of use it’s looking tired with several impossible to shift white scale sections covering the pool walls and floor.  Although there were no outstanding problems with this pool the salt chlorinator cell was typically covered in scale which meant increased time spent and extra chemical usage to get it off.

After the Pool350 SofterWater Conditioner was installed the most dramatic difference noticed  was in the pool maintenance… the chemical usage dropped by more than 40% and that means less time needed to maintain the pool, and less money spent doing so!

Check out these two videos to see the easy installation of the device and then the results after the Pool350 was in place for over a month and see how this family overcame their salt water chlorinator problems and how you can too!

 VIDEO 1 – The Problem & Easy Install of the Pool350



VIDEO 2 – Three Months Later – The Results!