Swimming Pool Testimonials

Hillside Bed & Breakfast



 7 January 2006

Mr E Mathieson

Dear Earl,

It has now been nearly two years since you installed the SofterWater Conditioner system and I wanted to let you know how delighted we have been with the results.  It still works as efficiently as the day it was fitted. 

Having painted the pool twice over a period of several years, and each time having watched the calcium quickly build up, we were fortunate to come across SofterWater Conditioners shortly after the third repaint. 

The powdery calcium had already started to appear all over the wall and base of  the pool like a white film, however, once we fitted your very simple little device, the difference was noticeable after the first week.  After the first month, we were most impressed, as all the calcium build up had disappeared. 

The time spent cleaning the chlorinator is also greatly reduced and it is easier to clean. 

On occasion friends have enquired as to how we keep the pool so sparklingly clean and I have had no hesitation in recommending them to SofterWater Conditioner products.

 Yours sincerely, 


Hillside Bed and Breakfast