Swimming Pool Testimonials

13 August 2006    

Rob Davis                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Dear Earl Mathieson:

Just a short letter to let you know how satisfied I am with you product. Having installed the SofterWater Conditioner on our swimming pool almost 12 months ago now I have monitored it’s performance over all the weather conditions we have experienced.

This is truly a marvellous time and money saving device. One week after an easy installation, the water in the pool just sparkled, there is no other way to describe it and the water actually felt noticeably softer. I have constantly had a problem with black spot algae, which necessitated the adding of various chemicals to keep it under control, particularly in summer.

Since having the SofterWater Conditioner I haven’t had to add any chemicals, the algae just turned white and disappeared, no scrubbing, chemicals or WORK involved. I have also gradually been able to turn the salt chlorinator down from a 100% setting , needed to keep levels ok, to at the moment 40 % and reducing the filtering time by 2 hours per day, thus saving on power and wear & tear on equipment. And I must mention I haven’t had to clean the filter elements with acid as I had to previously.

I could go on about lots of small benefits noticed but thanks to your product I now have time to enjoy our pool instead of all the time ( & money ) spent trying to keep it looking good. Thanks again for a product that actually works.

Sincerely yours,

Rob Davis