Q. How do SofterWater Conditioners work?

A. SofterWater Conditioners use a combination of both physics and chemistry to change the electrical charge (zeta potential) of the minerals in water by a factor of almost 2.

  • Water directly contacts the SofterWater Conditioner’s specifically designed and engineered patented alloy core.
  • The core is figured to create a high degree of turbulence to occur in the water flow, and provides a more pronounced exposure and contact between the crystalline mineral particles and the metals in the alloy core.
  • Nano sized crystals are formed.
  • Each SofterWater Conditioner’s patented alloy core is foundry blended with metals scientifically selected from both the cathode and anode end of the galvanic scale.
  • On contact with water the SofterWater Conditioner’s core creates an electro-chemical (galvanic) reaction between the crystalline minerals in the water and the catalytic alloy core and the mineral begin to be dispersed into a colloidal solution.
  • Nuclei have been introduced into the system as a result of the cathode-anode reaction and provide a more positive site around which the mineral particles can attract, as opposed to precipitating onto the walls of piping or equipment. The scientific name for this reaction is more readily known as “epitaxial nucleation”.
  • Colloids do not settle or precipitate (much like milk) therefor reducing problems associated with hard water.
  • The patented catalytic alloy in the SofterWater Conditioner generates an electro-chemical (galvanic) reaction causing the minerals to flocculate as a colloid. Colloids do not settle or precipitate (form scale) but always stay in solution. Milk is a colloid, with billions of nano sized particles which stay permanently in solution.
hard water

Raw hard water and calcium particle


hard water treatment

Treated hard water and the changed calcium molecule



Q. What happens to these very fine non sticking deposits?

A. These nano size crystals will either flow through an open system in colloidal suspension, settle at the low point of a system (can be flushed by implementing a maintenance program) or can be easily filtered down stream of the SofterWater Conditioner unit. Any residue left on a surface is easily removed.

Q. Will existing scale be removed and how long does it take to clean the system?

A. Several factors need to be taken into consideration.

  • The thickness, hardness and type of scale.
  • The length of the scaled area from the SofterWater Conditioner unit.
  • The volume of water flowing through the system.

In many instances the thickness of scale in the water carrying system has taken a number of weeks, months and years to build up. Once installed unit will begin to work immediately in reversing the scale build up, however it may take equally as long or longer to remove the existing scale as it took for the scale to depositor build up.

Q. Will the SofterWater Conditioner affect water pressure and flow rates?

A. No. It is important to select the correct size SofterWater Conditioner unit for your application. Selection of a unit is simple! What you need to know is;

  • The flow rate of the system.

Enter the flow rate into the Model Selector and we will give you a preferred and secondary unit option for your application.

Q. Does a SofterWater Conditioner soften water?

A. Yes, because of the definite change in the characteristics of the minerals (electrical charge), the surface tension of the water is reduced giving you a softer, “wetter” water.

Q. Does the SofterWater Conditioner alloy core need to be replaced?

A.No, the alloy element is not a sacrificial anode and therefore does not need to be replaced. We still have units working today that were installed over 30 years ago!

Q. Does the SofterWater Conditioner unit require ongoing maintenance?

A. No, once installed the unit does not require any on going maintenance.

Q. Is it necessary to earth a SofterWater Conditioner?

A. No, a unit does not need to be earthed and can be installed above or below ground.

Q. Is a SofterWater Conditioner easy to install?

A. Yes, simply remove the corresponding length of pipe and install the unit.

Q. Is the location of a SofterWater Conditioner unit in a system critical?

A. Yes, please Install FAQ’s.

The video below shows the careful manufacturing process.  There is no mass production with flimsy materials.  The SofterWater Conditioners  have a Lifetime Manufacturing Warranty.