How to Stop Scale Buildup in Pipes

Scale buildup in pipes is a common problem and is expensive to correct, but the good news is that like most plumbing complications, it is very preventable.  Scale builds up when a chemical or physical change in your water results in the deposit of solid substances like calcium, calcium sulfate, magnesium carbonate, iron, and sometimes just plain old dirt and sand, get caught up along irregularities on the inside surface of your pipes.  Similar to the process of cholesterol build up in arteries, the buildup of scale greatly reduces the flow of water through the pipe and can have some nasty effects.

Because water flow is reduced by scale buildup, the appliances that are on the receiving end of the pipe have to work much harder to obtain the water they need to run.  On the other hand, appliances attempting to push water through the pipes are under increased pressure as well, which also requires them to work harder.  Overall, the additional effort required of your appliances due to the buildup of scale will raise your energy costs and possibly require you to replace the appliances or pipes sooner than you had planned.

The best way to avoid the costly mess of scale buildup is to reduce the hardness and pH of your water.  To do this, consider using a water conditioner like Turbu-Flow.  Turbu-Flow is chemical and salt free and won’t corrode your pipes, unlike the alternative solution of adding of hydrochloric or sulphuric acid to your water on your own.  Our simple to install, no maintenance water conditioner has been preventing hard water problems around the world for almost thirty years.  Call us today and find out more about what Turbu-Flow can do for you.

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