Swimming Pool Hard Water Treatment

It’s always summer somewhere in the world and you know what that means, pool owners have turned off their furnaces and emerged from hibernation to do their best scientist impersonations.  No matter how good of a Bill Nye impersonator you’ve become, amateur swimming pool water treatment can lead to some serious problems.  For example, like the pipes inside your home, your swimming pool pipes are also prone to accumulating scale.  This is a problem that is often exasperated when homeowners don’t stay on top of the calcium levels and the pH balance of their pool water.

Not only can scale build up in your pool’s pipes and restrict water flow to and from your pool’s heater and filter, it can also accumulate along your pool’s walls and floor causing the water to become increasingly cloudy. Pools in areas where water is particularly hard are especially prone to high calcium levels and as a result, scale buildup.  The best way to combat cloudy water and scale is to frequently add fresh water to your pool, scrub the walls and floor often, and choose a water softener like Turbu-Flow that will help control pH balance and calcium levels.  Installing a swimming pool conditioner has been proven to reduce calcium build up on walls and equipment, reduce black spot, help maintain a constant pH, improve the clarity of water and reduce back washing. This year, take the guesswork out of swimming pool water treatment.  Install a Turbu-Flow water conditioner and leave the science to those who know best, the scientists.

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